lunes, 16 de enero de 2012


At last on Air!
One year and a half ago I worked for the spanish CG studio "Kotoc". During my short time there I had the chance to animate a 3 minutes long sketch for this funny animation series: "Jokebox".
As you can see in the episode below, the animation style is extremely snappy and cartoonish, going from pose to pose with bursts of movements, trying to avoid as much inbetweens as possible.
My animation style is usually closer to kind of "emphasized realism" so it was really tough to me to adapt to this particular style.
Anyway, I have to confess that I'm pretty satisfied with the final result because when watching the whole episode, all the sketches look like they have been animated by the same 'nimator.

PS: My sketch is "String"(min.10)

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

A Documentary about Alberto Mielgo

I recently found this great documentary about Alberto Mielgo. Besides being an awesome painter, Alberto is, in some way, my boss. He is the art director of Tron Uprising, tha animated series that
I've been involved in this last year which will air around mid 2012 (very optimistic from my point of view).
Is very funny that this guy approves my animation shots in L.A., I think I never had such an open minded boss. I guess you can't never be a visionary if your art is not provocative and lawbreaker enough.
In this documentary you can see Alberto talking about his art and actually see him in one of his painting sessions with Belladona, a world famous pornstar.
Please watch it, you won't regret, I swear.