martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Iota keyholder

It seems that tearaway merchandise is starting to bloom. In this case it is a key holder of sackboy (still the chicken of golden eggs in Mm) dressed as Iota.
There is something very beautiful about seeing the character which u spend so many hours with him coming finally to the real world as a toy. In other jobs the responsabilty of bringing to life a character is usually shared between diferent animators, but not here in Mm. Every jump, every run and every expression that iota does, it's actually not Iota, it's me :)

domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013


Last week I went for a one day trip to Cambridge. Well known for its prestigious universities as well as it's celebrity teachers and students like Newton or Hawking, this city is also a very beautiful place with its victorian architecture, green parks and of course the famous ¨punters¨, some kind of english version of the venetian gondolas and gondoleros.
One of the things that caught my attention is how the animals and the inhabitants of this town coexist in harmony, even to a point where you can see free fucking massive cows wandering around in very centric parks. Last time I had this feeling was in Nara, Japan. Amazing!