martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

London Calling

It´s been a while since my last post, lots of things happened! This summer I've been living in Granada, working for a feature film called ¨Justin and the knights of Valour¨. It´s gonna be released next summer 2013 and to be honest, it´s the most ambitious project I´ve ever worked for, both artistically and technically. Here you have one of the few images available:

The main producer is Antonio Banderas, and the studio is called Kandor Graphics in the southern part of Spain, Andalucia.

After this awesome experience I moved to London to work in videogames. My current company is Media Molecule and after the massive succes of it's first videogame (Little Big Planet, PS3) the company was owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.
Right now I'm working as 3D animator in Tearaway, and adventure game for PS Vita to be released next year. Here you have a small teaser:

Life in London is ok, although the miserable weather and the non existent sense of gastronomy, it's a very lively place, with lots to do along the week and the weekend. Even though is still too soon to predict the medium future I guess will stay here for a while, at least until my country is free. Cheers!!