jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

PlayStation DevSummit Los Cabos 2014

Here you can find a talk I gave last August in Baja California (Mexico) about the animation of the last game I worked on: Tearaway.
Was so cool to spend a week in that amazing Westin resort with all those talented developers from the best Sony owned studios: Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica.. and of course, Media Molecule!
Enjoy the talk, and excuse my dodgy Catalan accent :)

miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

A day in Media Molecule

It's been a while since I don't post due to a mix of laziness / lack of something really relevant. Well, the other day a journalist from "The Guardian" came over to the studio to see what is it like to be one day in Media Molecule. He even interviewed some crazy animators :)

Read the full article here

viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

Tearaway spanish media interview

Just a brief interview I did during the press presentation in Madrid. It´s in spanish sorry..

miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

Tearaway TV ad

So finally the TV commercial of my latest project is "on air". Most of the work is done by the british VFX house MPC, but they asked us to provide some animations for the main characters as Wendigo or Iota, and this is exactly what I did. Some Iota animations as well as the in-game Wendigo that appears inside the Vita are my work. Check out as well the massive paper craft work for the backgrounds here

jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Playfest Madrid 2013

Last week I went to Madrid to present our game, Tearaway, to the spanish media. The event was Playfest, a Sony organized meeting where the children and the young audiences are the main focus. We also shared our time with people from Novorama, U-Play and Sony London Studios. Here you have a small summary with this corporate video, enjoy!
P.S. If you want to see a catalan guy presenting Tearaway in a dodgy spanish accent, please skip to 1:00

martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Iota keyholder

It seems that tearaway merchandise is starting to bloom. In this case it is a key holder of sackboy (still the chicken of golden eggs in Mm) dressed as Iota.
There is something very beautiful about seeing the character which u spend so many hours with him coming finally to the real world as a toy. In other jobs the responsabilty of bringing to life a character is usually shared between diferent animators, but not here in Mm. Every jump, every run and every expression that iota does, it's actually not Iota, it's me :)