viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Since my arrival to Guerrilla Games I've been pouring my soul into this incredible game. Horizon was announced few days ago in Los Angeles, and so far we have received amazing reviews. As a senior animator I'm in charge of the gameplay animation of Aloy, the main character. Although we work with mocap, I usually take care of animations that need to be keyframed since it is impossible to capture them or to quick prototype new ideas. After almost 5 years of strict secrecy, let me introduce you the new open world Ip from Guerrilla: Horizon.


Dreams is the name of the new title from Media Molecule which I had the chance to work
with all along 2014. During that year, as a lead animator I was entitled with the mission to design an animation system that should be accessible and fun but deep to master and fullfilling even for the most exigent artists. After more than 4 years in production this is the beautiful piece of video that they put together for the E3 announce. Enjoy!