viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Eleven second club April 2012 entry

Back to my hometown I had some free time and I did this animation for an animation contest.
I did a realistic approach to my animation as lately I've been doing very cartoony/stylized stuff and I wanted to proof myself who deep could I go into this. I took some video reference, spent some days blocking and some more refining and layering and this is the result.
The character is a free rig (morpheus) which is very expressive in terms of facial animation but it is quite complex. I used a simple subsurface shader for the character skin to simulate more realism.
Everything is done with maya and comp with AE.
I finished 8 out of 186 entries, which is good, but I think there are some higher score entries that shouldn't be there, what do you think? ;)